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Course presentations FALL 2019 - Master programme in architecture, U+L and FTH

Master programme in architecture, U+L and FTH ( 70 504 Systems Oriented Design: “Design for Very Complex System“ 80 514 OCCAS:…

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Course presentations FALL 2019 - Elective courses for all

Elective Courses for all ( 70 303 Digital fabrication, technologies and processes 70 304 Design Management: Innovation and entrepreneurship…

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Course presentation FALL 2019 - Master program design

Master programme in design ( 70 501 Industrial Design 1: Technoform 70 502 Interaction Design 1: Tangible Interactions 70 503 Service…

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Guestlecture 28.02.19 "FAR SIDE OF THE MOON"

Introduction to the contemporary art & architecture of IranHaving the stamp of Iranian is not easy sometimes! Especially in the face of questions which seen to be influenced by the art of media,…

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Overgrowth Talks - OAT

Overgrowth TalksI forlengelsen av høstens e-flux essayserie, inviterer e-flux Architecture og Oslo arkitekturtriennale til seminaret Overgrowth Talks på Arkitektur-og…

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Course presentations spring 2019 (ARCHITECTURE and URBANISM)

AHO Course presentations spring 2019 (ARCHITECTURE and URBANISM)

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Course presentation spring 2019 (DESIGN)

AHO course presentations for spring 2019 (DESIGN)

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Guest lecture: Anne HoltropAnne Holtrop (1977) graduated in 2005 from the Academie van Bouwkunst in Amsterdam with a cum laude degree in architecture and in 2009 started his own studio. Today his…

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Guestlecture-041018 (EZIO MANZINI)

GUEST LECTURE: REGENERATING DEMOCRACY Date: Thursday, October the 4th, 2018 ABOUT THE LECTURE: In the face of a democracy in crisis, in all its forms, and convinced that democracy's core…

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Guest Lecture: Sveinung SkaalnesWho owns the future of design?Technology used to be where the race too the future was set, where invention and innovation happened, and where consumers where won.…

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Guest lecture: Ryue Nishizawa, SANAA and Office of Ryue Nishizawa, TokyoFriday 21th September 17.00 in A2 Welcome to a guest lecture with the award-winning architect Ryue Nishizawa from Japan!…

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EVO lanseringsseminar-170918 (AHO) (DEL 2)

EVO lanseringsseminar-170918 (AHO) (DEL 2)

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EVO lanseringsseminar-170918 (AHO) (DEL 1)

EVO lanseringsseminar-170918 (AHO)

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Guestlecture-13 sep 2018

Guest lecture: Günther VogtWelcome to the guest lecture "The landscape of the city of the landscape. Image versus knowledge" with the landscape architecture profesor, Günther…

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Diploma-cermony Spring 2018

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AHO WORKS Nominations - SPRING 2018 Thursday 7.june 2018

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Guestlecture-250418 - Cameron Tonkinwise

Open Guest Lecture with Cameron TonkinwiseAbout Cameron Tonkinwise: Professor Cameron Tonkinwise come